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Note: My Anthropic Trilogy web-book, evolving since 1997, is a chronicle of my passing all considered opinion through the lens of my Nirvikalpa Samadhi with both an open-mind and healthy skepticism.

Anthropic Trilogy

Samadhi Chronicles - Maya Gaia - Evolution Involution



Vishnu with Lakshmi dreaming Gaia and the universe

two profound ideas about the nature of nature...could they help us save the planet?

In Hinduism, Maya/Shakti as consort of Shiva, functions as Earth Mother and as Shri Lakshmi, consort of Vishnu she personifies the ultimate force (maya) that creates the illusion that the phenomenal world is real.

Gaia, the goddess of Earth in Greek mythology was re-popularized when James Lovelock published his book "The Gaia Hypothesis" (now the Gaia Theory) which proposes that Earth's entire biosphere, the atmosphere, oceans and terrestrial ecosystems function as an integrated, self- regulating, global organism.

Our main mission here is to explore the implication of these themes and to try to develop projects which can contribute to protecting, nurturing and honoring Gaia, our sacred Mother of Earth and Cosmos while at the same time examine ways to experience the interface between consciousness and cosmic reality personified by Maya.

Gaia GAIA PROJECT...Promote concern and action that recognizes that the nurturing and protection of Gaia Earth is humanity's ultimate responsibility and that we can each contribute if we "think globally but act locally". The Gaia Paradigm holds that Cosmos Gaia is the phenomenal manifestation of a Conscious Cosmic Matrix.

MAYA PROJECT...Presenting evidence from new science, metaphysics and transcendent experience that suggests a conscious universe is the creator and conductor of all of our reality.

With the worlds of the universe
entangled in his/her hair
Shiva in the form of the cosmic dancer Nataraja
tramples the dwarf of ignorance.
In one hand the god holds the fire of destruction
and in the opposite the drum of creation.
Another hand is raised in a gesture-"Fear Not"
while the fourth points to the raised foot
as the promise of liberation.

Update 2015: My Anthropic Trilogy Web-Books, evolving since 1997, chronicle my passing all considered opinion through the lens of my Nirvikalpa Samadhi with both an open-mind and healthy skepticism. My samadhi-inspired mission is almost identical to that expressed by Edgar Mitchell in his interview in An Astronaut's Journey exploring his enlightenment. Q- How did it transform you personally? EM- "It's very simple, it's given me a life's work of trying to understand the nature of consciousness. From a cosmological point of view, how did all this come about? Even the question of why all the conditions are so perfect for life to exist here - it's almost like the Earth maintains these critical levels so life can go on...That goes clear back to the Gaia hypothesis and James Lovelock's concept that essentially the earth is a living organism."

Book 2 - Maya Gaia

The Maya Gaia website was begun in Geocities in 1997. My spontaneous samadhi experience happened in 1970 and at the time, I was almost completely naive regarding philosophy or epistemology of religion or metaphysics or mystical, spiritual, or paranormal phenomena of any kind but the experience started my search for explanation that is still ongoing.

My transcendent journey contained many perennial and synchronistic 'features' unfolding as my consciousness transformed from numinous duality to nonduality and back. It is only after subsequent research that I learned it followed a neo-Tantric scenario wherein my ecstatic orgasm triggered a Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

Starting my journey as an agnostic, I easily ignored the dogmas of the prophetic religions and drew primarily on historical Vedantic, Buddhist and Tao sources but discovered my major challenge was in applying a holistic approach to the reductionist, materialist, scientific viewpoint and that of open-ended, new-age spiritualism. I use my direct insight as a lens to pass thru all the speculation regarding the nondual experience I find on the Internet and play at autophenomenological hypothesizing about the reality it suggests - ever mindful that imagination is what Spinoza described as the power on which all the errors, superstitions, and prejudices of revealed religion rests.

In surveying the internet resources about "Science of Consciousness" it is apparent that there is vastly more disagreement than concurrence in virtually every aspect of the subject in all the scientific disciplines including psychiatry, neurobiology, biochemistry, biophysics, cosmology and both classical and quantum physics.

The epistemology supporting the notion that there is a state of nondual consciousness variously called Nirvikalpa Samadhi, Bodhi, Satori, etc. is based exclusively on subjective accounts of such episodes. Despite the claim of ineffability in the literature of the nondual traditions, a perennial profile has emerged over the millennia, by which we can somewhat judge the authenticity of the nondual experience both by attributions and apophatically as well as by synchronistic aspects of before and after states of numinous duality that may attend it.

It is clear that understanding is in its infancy with the most fundamental issues yet unresolved- how does consciousness arise from the brain/mind; are there proto conscious quanta in the reality landscape; is human consciousness necessary to complete a quantum event; are the anthropic principle or any version of panpsychism conceivably scientific? Even in the emergent 'science' of integral/transpersonal psychology, confusions between the nature of dual and nondual 'mystical' states arise- Steven Katz's failure to make a clear distinction in his Constructivism, a case in point. The debates expose even deeper levels of uncertainty as to what constitutes "real" science with doubts extending to questioning whether anyone understands quantum mechanics. Must a theory be "testable" or falsifiable or would this dispose many theoretical concepts like quantum gravity, string theory, and the anthropic principle to be lumped together in metaphysics. Are scientists' strong world views- whether atheistic or theistic, legitimate factors in apprising the credibility of their theoretical arguments about Consciousness- with its potential for spanning the spectrum of reality from Alpha to Omega?

Book 2 - Maya Gaia

Gaia Manifest of Transcendent Immanence My major mission has become to try to bring my revelations into the context of a Brahman/Gaian Paradigm as my Nirvikalpa Samadhi experience triggered a slow metamorphous that has evolved over the past thirty-five years, to finally making the Gaian ethos my imperative. I am totally dedicated to supporting Gaia- conceived not as an anthropomorphic goddess but as the totality of nature- life, matter and cosmic energy as immanent manifest of a transcendent cosmic consciousness.
Ancestry Dreams After an intense day-long session using the genealogy search-engine to track my ancestors from 19th and 18th century Kentucky and Tennessee to their 17th Century Roots in Germany - that night my dreams engulfed me in a possession-like, palpable Life/Death Struggle to Defeat Satan.
Atheism Politics An examination of the threat militant atheism and secular humanist fundamentalism pose to our republic under the expedient "faith" of the Obama administration- with further reading on atheism, deism, pantheism, panentheism, etc.
Bimini Road Hoax An update- March, 2008 by Eugene Shinn.
Bug Bites An account of my being bitten in my sleep over a three-month period by a mysterious bug- finally discovered.
Credibility New Age To what degree are New Age precepts and paradigms plausible, rational or credible?
Credibility of Prayer How strong is the evidence that prayer can be answered? Can it ever be established that prayer has evoked divine intervention to effect the course of events or beyond coincidence- is synchronicity as close as we can come to explain blessed outcomes.
Credibility of Siddhis An examination of siddhis- the supernatural powers allegedly manifested by legendary Arhats, mahasattvas and Tathagata and claimed to various degree by some of the most revered rishis as well as certain modern day yogin and gurus and the relation to shamanism and hallucinogenic drugs.
Ecospirituality Controversy Examination with links to the debate over eco spirituality and position of the Wilberian Integral Spirituality community that Gaia Addiction is something to 'rise above'.
Sixty Years Later: The Enduring Allure of Synchronicity -My review and extended excerpts and references to PDF download of Journal of Humanistic Psychology (2012) article by clinical psychologist Dan Hocoy. Explores the multiple factors [trans-psychology; quantum physics; multi-cosmology; implicate reality] that seem to have synergistically converged to maintain the relevancy of the synchronicity meme.
Enigmatic Synchronicity Contemplating my chancing on a rare, blue-green feather and the existential synchronicity relating to my lifetime and the anthropic universe.
Falsifiability Karl Popper proposed a epistemological methodology for evaluating hypotheses including those that could not be experimentally tested and insisted that the term "scientific" can only be applied to statements that are falsifiable. Introduction and description for dummies.
Fate & Transcendence An account of a synchronicity wherein concurrent compulsive episodes bring a couple unknown to oneanother to meet and experience simultaneous samadhi- and the unexpected consequences.
My Fireball Sighting at Age Ten and the chance that it was a harbinger of my Nirvikalpa Samadhi and synchronicity for a mission to help fulfill God's desire to be known.
Gaia- Mixed Messages In Desert Solitaire 1968, Edward Abbey's iconic advocation for environmental conservation- in his chapter about the 'wicked rabbit' he reveals a disturbing ambivalence in regards to what can only be described as a gratuitous disregard for virtually every moral compunction against wanton execution of wildlife.
Gaian Paradigm by Bill Ellis "The three themes of this book are 1. Our world view or paradigms are shaped by our cultural nurturing; 2. There are no evil paradigms but just cultures we do not understand; 3. The technology that connects us to each other reveals the cosmos as one and makes possible a new direct democracy in which all people can make decisions to improve their lives." Excerpt from Chapter 4 concerning potential for synthesis between science and spirituality in a future holistic paradigm.
Gaian Realization A biographical but painful account of my rocky path to Gaia realization.
Kirtan and Bhajan An Introduction to Bhakti Kirtan and Bhajan- videos introduce traditional and sub-genre of the devotional music and songs.
Kundalini Seminar My review of Individuation and Subtle Body - a doctoral dissertation on Jung's Kundalini Seminar, 1932 by Gary W. Seeman- with extensive excerpts.
Postmodern Paradigms An introduction to the dialectics of paradigm shift and some postmodern examples in a variety of disciplines.
My One Psychedelic Experience A psychedelic magic mushroom experience with features relating to hysterical blindness.
Rhythm Epigenises Exploring sexual dimorphisim in the evoluton of diverse species of birds of paradise and bowerbirds as it relates to those evolutionary processes that may have shaped a young human child's ability - unique among all other animals - to express motor skill in synchronization to ambient musical beats and tempo.
Satanists Stalk an Outward Bound Camper Satanist couple unmasked after they attacked an Outward Bound camper at Everglades National Park.
Transpersonal Experiences Brief anecdotal accounts of "mystical", "transpersonal" and other paranormal experiences in my life.
Is Vamachara Tantra Dharmic? Selected excerpts from an extensive forum discussion exploring Vamachara (Vamacara) and Kaula Tantra from the perspective of Vedic and Dharmic tradition.
Wikipedia Neotantra this is my original rewrite of the Wikipedia Neotantra article- since completely replaced.
Yoga and Freedom: My excerpts from a reconsideration of Patanjali's classical yoga by Ian Whicher. (This page a synopsis of excerpts from the full 272 text available in InfoTrac (library access) An exceptionally lucid examination of what the author sees as ontological and epistemological misinterpretations, reductionist hermeneutics and misleading definitions of Sanskit yogic terms in many scholarly interpretations of Patangali's Yoga Sutras.
My 9/11 Memorials Images and resources so We Never Forget the atrocities!
Academia Humanist Politics Examining the liberal, progressive nature of American academia and its errosive effect on our nations ability to deal with the threat of terrorism by the Islamist Jihadi.
Charas Links for Exploring Tantra and Cannabis Connection.
Lotus Symbolism and Botanical Distinction A comprehensive review of the symbolism the sacred lotus has provided Hinduism and Buddhism since antiquity as well as sorting out the confusion regarding the botantical identification distinguishing the Egyptian "lotus" from the true lotus of India and southeastern Asia and its diverse iconography.
The Lotus Pond Introduction about how living lotus growing in an artifical pond in an architectural landscape spontaneously raised the muse of local artists in my hometown of Stuart, Florida.
Lotus Pond Gallery Artwork by resident artists inspired by visits to a cultivated lotus pond.
Maya Project The notion of this universe, its heavens, hells, Mother Earth and everything within it, as a great dream dreamed by a single being in which all the dream characters are dreaming too, has in India enchanted and shaped the entire civilization. This perceptual enigma has been a fundamental feature in the dialectics of non dual traditions and lurks in the context of every contemporary spiritual/scientific paradigm.
Gaia Symbol The Gaia paradigm- symbol and theory: Beyond James Lovelock's metaphor for Earth as a holistic self-regulating organism, Gaia can also be perceived as somewhat similar to the divine feminine of Daoist yang, the Hindu Shakti, Lakshmi and Devi as well as the Sophia of the gnostics. In my dual-nondual model of reality Gaia is a manifestation of all cosmic reality as immanence of transcendent consciousness or Brahman.
Gila Wilds Synchronicity - account of a life-saving synchronicity in a wilderness misadventure.
Vishnu Dream Frontispiece to Maya-Gaia original website of symbolic illustration of Lakshmi evoking Vishnu's dream of reality- maya.
Ed Fisher Diving Adventures -accounts of some classic adventures in the early days of scuba.
Keith Reef more diving adventures to a unique site in international waters of the Med.
Ankle Injury account of a slight injury to my sural nerve that caused severe disability to my entire leg for over two months.
Native Gems Descriptions and images of some of the wildlife habitats in my locality on the Treasure Coast of Florida- all under stress of development pressure.
Tantra Links- resources for Tantra, NeoTantra and Dao sexual yoga.
Tribute to Patti Brown the lady to whom I owe my ultimate purpose in life- to transmit my samadhi experience.
Chakra for Online Meditation based on A Gentle Guide to Kundalini by John Selby with post-experience reservations and warning.
Gaia Birth Mandala A symbolic mandala of the creation of Gaia.
Gaia- Cosmic Birth A graphic illustration of Gaia as immanent creation of a transcendent singularity.
Map- Marriage Legal Age World map showing legal age for marriage in reference
to article Godhead Experience
The Parable of the Ten Bulls The Oxherding Parable and the ten illustrations symbolizing the evolution of Buddist realization.
Templeton Foundation Ad A promotion for a Templeton Foundation Grant for scientific collaboration of Philosophy and Physics into the nature of quantum reality.
Wikipedia Neotantra This is my original rewrite of the Wikipedia Neotantra article- since completely replaced.
Treasure Coast Gallery An archive gallery website presenting landscape paintings and nature photographs (before digital) by Ed Fisher.

YouTube Videos

Recumbent Trike Safety Tips A youtube video illustrating my recent envolvement (2014) in riding a Sun EZ-3 SX delta recumbent tricycle.

Recumbent Trike Safety Tips - Part 2 demonstrating additional visual safety features retrofitted to the Sun EZ-3 SX delta recumbent tricycle

Recumbent Trike Safety Tips - Part 3 presenting Trike-Cam views of rider POV of daily ride on Sun EZ-3 SX delta recumbent trike to the library and shops in my neighborhood - highlighting typical safety alerts.

Recumbent Trike Safety Tips - Part 4 Evening meditation ride on Sun EZ-3 SX recumbent trike - nature - sunsets - night return - Trike-Cam POV. An integration of Primordial Rhythm Meditation and my recumbent tricycle journey.

Recumbent Trike - Part 5 Nature meditation - featuring outfitting my recumbent trike as a platform and vehicle for stalking and video-documentation of suburban wildlife.

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