Treasure Coast Gallery

     . . . . . . . . about paintings

Although I've not had any formal training in painting, I hesitate describing myself as "self-taught" in that all during my various non-art careers I've learned by admiring the work of a host of painters employing a wide range of subjects, styles and techniques. Beyond the obvious masters I was inspired to do my first painting after one by Canadian artist Tom Thompson. Later I visited Beanie Backus in his Ft. Pierce studio and was drawn to the realistic light and atmospherics he was able to capture in his impressionist style. With the internet I went on to discover the California Impressionist and the host of less famous but incredibly talented and skilled artist around the world creating marvelous interpretations of landscapes and nature in every style imaginable. With my background in nature photography I still tend towards rendering my compositions realistically but yearn to have the courage of an artist like the Swedish artist August Strindberg to paint a seascape as pure abstract expressionism. Of course I'd have great incentive if I thought my expressionist efforts resulted in works that sold in the several millions of dollars like Strindberg's.

Painting in my small condo space I adopted artist grade acrylic paints for the health issue, rather than oils with their solvents and am still discovering the versatility of this medium. The stigma associated with acrylic paint in comparison with oils has faded as artists, museums and art galleries discover the aesthetic quality of acrylic work can compare with those in more traditional mediums and even exceed them in archival properties.

I use 3/16 inch thick waterproofed Laun wood paneling as support for my largest work and either that or prestretched cotton duck canvas for 36 x 48 inch sized paintings. The reverse side of the panel is left untreated to allow the support to breathe. All smaller work is painted on canvas. The wood panel ground is prepared with a sealer/primer plus two coats of acrylic gesso. The canvas is preprimed for acrylic medium. All finished work receives a single coat of matte or satin varnish.

A few paintings are available framed for an additional charge beyond that indicated in the thumbnail image of the unframed painting.